About Raffaella

I was born to an Italian chef father and American art teacher mother. Over the years, I experimented under Mom's tutelage with a variety of media. I discovered photography was my perfect creative outlet, eventually moving from 35mm film to digital.

Having grown up with food and Italy as a huge part of my experience, those have naturally incorporated into my work as well. I'm also often inspired by my strange dreams, the vagaries of the natural world, poetry, mythology, and distinctive historical figures.

The name RaffaLuce is a play on the Italian word for light and a similar affectionate nickname my dad used when I was a kid.

The mere concept of light is what moves me - the literal and figurative expressions of it. Light is used to carve out a mood, to pause a moment, and tell a story, whether in 1 or 1000 words.

© 2015 Raffaella De Amicis.

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